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Terms of Service

By becoming a member of Lusomeet, you shall abide by all the below mentioned conditions. Lusomeet reserves itself the right to delete, without previous notice, the profile of any person who fails to comply with any of the conditions below.
The Lusomeet member area is only accessible to individuals over 18. Its access is strictly forbidden to minors.

When subscribing to one or several Lusomeet services, and when using this site, all members must fully agree to the conditions. In accepting the sentence “I agree with the general use conditions”, located at the bottom of the subscription page to validate it, Members acknowledge they are abiding by the set of provisions herein.

Article 1. Definitions

Lusomeet is an Internet site which is available at and it is a brand of Websmind Lda.. The term Member(s) refers to the group of Lusomeet service users who have subscribed and accepted these general use conditions.

Article 2. Access and subscription

All equipment (computer, software, means of telecommunication, etc.) which allow Access to these services are of the entire responsibility of the Members, as are all expenses deriving from the communications arising from its use.

Members guarantee all information they provide is true. Members also undertake to immediately inform Lusomeet of each and any change to the information they submitted when subscribing to the services and, if so, they must promptly proceed to the necessary changes.
When the necessary conditions for subscription are met, each Member is granted a username (login) and a password, which are strictly personal and confidential and which should never be communicated to or shared with any third party. Lusomeet shall never be held responsible for the Username or Password loss by Members.

Should any Member transmit or use those elements for purposes other than those for which they are intended, Lusomeet reserves itself the right to terminate that Member’s account with no need for previous notice.
Members hold full responsibility for the use of their identification data by any third party or for any acts or statements made through their account, be they fraudulent or otherwise. This protects Lusomeet against any legal proceedings on this matter. On the other hand, as Lusomeet does not have the means to attest the identity of those subscribing to these services, it shall not be held responsible for identity thefts of its Members. If Members have reasons to suspect that their identification data or account is being used by any third party, they should immediately inform Lusomeet. Lusomeet reserves itself the right to change, at any given moment, the files of Member who do not abide by the rules of good conduct. On the other hand, Members authorize Lusomeet to display, on their Internet site, any photos and videos where they appear during events sponsored or organized by Lusomeet. Members also authorize Lusomeet to publish their photos for an unlimited period of time in the Miss Luso and Mister Luso sections, if they win the monthly contest. Members authorize Lusomeet to send them any type of offers or promotions pertaining to the Lusomeet site ou partners to their inbox.

When Members wish to submit data from third parties to Lusomeet, they undertake these third parties have granted full authorization to Lusomeet for handling their data. In this case, Members shall be fully responsible before Lusomeet for any third parties they introduce, for the consequences of transmitting Lusomeet their data.

Lusomeet reserves itself the right to delete Member accounts which have not been used for a period longer or equal to 6 months, or any account which has not been checked for 10 days after the subscription. The expiration date for service use is calculated as follows: the date of the last login to Lusomeet. After having unsubscribed, Members lose access to their services and cannot retrieve them, or in in any manner claim for any type of reimbursement or compensation for damages…
Lusomeet reserves itself the right to deactivate or delete any file it considers contrary to the image of the site, without previous notice or reimbursement. Members shall then lose their messages, photos, subscriptions and shall not be entitled to claim them, to request any reimbursement, or to sue Lusomeet, which is fully entitled to terminating this contract without any prejudice whatsoever.
Lusomeet offers Members a paid subscription plan. Membera may, if they so wish, subscribe with an online credit card. Their subscription shall be valid counting as from the date when Lusomeet receives the payment. If the conditions in this document are not complied with, Lusomeet reserves itself the right to deactivate or delete a file, even if the Member has previously made the subscription, without previous notice, reimbursement and/or being liable to being sued. The Member is not entitled to claiming and reimbursement or compensation... This termination abides by the law and without prejudice to any legal provisions. Members have Access to files of other Lusomeet Members. Expenses inherent to the creation of a database and its management may differ insofar as it is difficult to search compatibility between Members.

Article 3. Using Lusomeet

After subscribing, Members can access services (free or paid) available in Lusomeet. For using these services, Members undertake to abide by the following rules:
To abide by the laws in force and to respect the rights of third parties.
Not to use Lusomeet with professional or commercial purposes (research, canvass or prostitution), or with the aim of gathering Members for any public demonstration without the previous written consent of Websmind Lda.
Not to transmit or disclose by any means any information or content describing the reality.
Not to choose a username which has vulgar, violent, racist connotation or which does not comply with the standards in force.
Not to mention purposes or publish any content whatsoever which is extraneous or of slanderous, violent, offensive, obscene and nature, injurious, or which incites to violence, or which has any political, racist or xenophobic content in any manner contrary to the object of Lusomeet, to the laws and regulations in force or to the accepted rules of conduct. All photos, videos and information, data or files submitted by a Lusomeet Member must be decent and pertain only to the Member.

To submit a main photo of themselves, or otherwise submit none. Members may also publish up to 3 secondary photos. These photos may never be of pornographic nature or encourage violence, war or any thought contrary to the character of the site. Lusomeet Administrators reserve themselves the right to change the photos of the Member which do not comply with the image of the site without previous notice, and even to deactivate or delete them in extreme cases.
Not to publish or transmit in any manner whatsoever any information or content whose purpose is to diminish, unorganize, impede the normal use of the services, interrupt and/or slow-down the normal circulation of communications among Members through services, such as software, viruses, logic bombs, bulk messages, etc. Lusomeet reserves itself the right to delete bulk messages sent by Members so that users continue using their services normally. The sending of any unsolicited messages considered to be of flyers is strictly forbidden.

Not to disclose or transmit messages which violate the rights of third parties (especially copyrights or rights of industrial property, as is the case of brands, drawings, models, patents, know-how, etc.); the laws and regulations in force in Portugal, in the country of residence or in the countries those data are aimed at being received.

Without prejudice to the provisions of article 6 “Termination”, should a Member not comply with one or several rules, Lusomeet reserves itself the right to delete the accounts of those Members, to automatically delete litigation messages, to stop the publication or part of a Member’s file, and/or to fully or partly block all access, temporarily or permanently, with no entitlement to possible compensation, indemnity or reimbursement.
Lusomeet shall not be held responsible for false declarations of a Member. It is, therefore, important to take certain preventive measures when meeting another Member. Lusomeet declines any responsibility regarding meetings between Lusomeet Members, in Lusomeet or during meetings between Members and/or non-Members, due to the use of its site and its services.
Within this scope, Lusomeet reminds its Members that it is recommended to warn someone close and choose public places (café, restaurant, etc.) for a first date.
Lusomeet Club: within the scope of its Dating Club, Lusomeet proposes several activities. Subscription is only valid when previously paid. Credit card payments shall be automatically accepted and the Member shall be subscribed to the activity. Any payment for a Lusomeet Club activity implies the Member’s participation, and no reimbursement shall be done, even if the Member does not attend the activity in question.

Article 4. Personal Life and Data Protection of the Member

Some information or content (photos or videos) optionally submitted by Members shall be susceptible, under the Member’s responsibility, of revealing that Member’s ethnic origin, nationality, religion and/or sexual orientation. In submitting this information, the Member expressly allows Lusomeet to handle his/her data and undertakes full responsibility for it.
Members are entitled to oppose and correct their data. Hence, Members may demand to be corrected, completed, clarified, updated or deleted, all information on them which is not precise, is incomplete, equivocal or outdated.

All Members may consequently send an email to the following email addresses: , or through the “Contact us” page ( the link at the bottom of the pages); taking care to specify their usernames, access or request for access to information regarding them in order to change or delete them.

4.1. Reason for Gathered Information

Members must submit personal information when subscribing the site, entering a contest, answering an enquiry. Some of this information is compulsory in order to submit it to the service.

4.2. Type of Gathered Information

Personal information gathered by Lusomeet may include names, addresses and/or emails, telephone and/or cell phone numbers, banking and financial activities, information on physical appearance, photograph, voice ads, video, personal values, interests and personal use of the service.

Moreover, some non-personal information may be gathered, such as the Member’s or any user’s browser versions (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), the type of explorer used (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS, etc.) and the IP address of the computer which is being used.

Lusomeet may use cookies to file information, identifying the Member when he/she is browsing Lusomeet in order to avoid the manual filling-in of each browsed page. The Member, however, may stop the use of cookies by altering the options of the Internet software.

4.3 Who has access to this information?

1. The information gathered about Members when they subscribe to Lusomeet and to our services is used to offer our different services. All measures were taken in our databases to safely file your information. Only some of our staff have access to this information, which is accessible to them when necessary.
2. Lusomeet may send Members, except if they oppose, promotions of some of their business partners without sending them your information.
3. Lusomeet may sometimes share non-designative general social and demographic information with selected partners to allow them to reach their target public with their ads (by age, gender, etc.). In this case, Lusomeet does not disclose information which allow them to identify its Members.
4. The information composing the ads and the introduction of the Members can be accessed in Lusomeet, at the website. They can also be disclosed to people who are interested in Lusomeet, through newsletters or third party websites.

Article 5. Copyright

5.1 Content disclosed by Lusomeet

The brands, logotypes, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts included in are copyright of Websmind Lda and its copy, use or representation without previous express authorization of Websmind Lda is strictly prohibited, under penalty of legal proceedings.
The user rights granted by Lusomeet to the Members are strictly limited to access, downloading, printing, and copy in any support (hard disk, diskette, CD-ROM, etc.) and to the use of these documents for personal and private use during the period of subscription to Lusomeet. Any other use whatsoever by the Members, without previous consent of Lusomeet, is prohibited.
Members commit not to change, copy, reproduce, download, disclose, transmit, explore commercially and/or distribute in any manner the services, web pages, or computer codes of the elements which are part of the services and of the website.

5.2 Contents disclosed by Members

Lusomeet holds a user license for copyright pertaining to the content submitted by its Members for purposes of disclosure in the website.
This license especially covers Lusomeet’s entitlement to reproduce and represent contents about Members (information, images, videos, etc.), about the whole or part of the website and/or in Lusomeet mailings. This license also allows Lusomeet to modify those contents to respect the graphic chart of the website and/or of making them compatible with its technical performance. The Members undertake not to copy, reproduce, or in any other manner use any content pertaining to other Members, except for the strict need of use of services for personal and private use.

Article 6. Termination

Each Member may cancel their subscription to Lusomeet at any moment and without reason in the section of the Lusomeet website dedicated to this subject. This cancellation does not entitle Members to receiving any reimbursement regarding the period that goes from the date of cancellation to the date of termination.

Without prejudice to the provisions of other articles, should the Member fail to comply with these General Use Conditions, Lusomeet reserves itself the right to suspend or delete the Member’s account without previous notice or right to reimbursement and/or file a claim against him/her.
This termination is by operation of Law and without impairment of compensation of losses and damages by Lusomeet as an indemnity to the losses suffered due to the non-compliance with the standards.

Article 7. Liability and Guarantee

7.1 Information and contents submitted by Members

The information supplied by Members to Lusomeet must be exact and true. The consequences of the disclosure of his/her life and/or that of other Members are of the sole responsibility of these Members.
Lusomeet shall not be held responsible for the exactness or inexactness of the information and content supplied by the other Members, and/or visitors of the site. Lusomeet shall also not be held responsible for the contents disclosed by Members which may violate the rights of one or several Members.
Should Lusomeet’s responsibility be put in cause due to the non-compliance by a Member of his/her obligations under the terms of the law or of the General Conditions of Use, the latter commits to protect Lusomeet against all legal proceedings against it. This protection shall cover both the compensations which would potentially be paid, as well as the fees for lawyers and legal expenses which could be paid by it.

7.2 Operation of the Lusomeet website and of its services

Members should have the necessary skills, material and software to use the Internet and acknowledge that the characteristics and limits of the Internet do not guarantee the safety, availability and integrity of data transmission through the Internet.
In these conditions, Lusomeet does not guarantee that the services will operate permanently or with without errors of operation. Its exploration, especially, could be temporarily interrupted due to maintenance, technical improvement updates, or to develop the content and/or its layout. To the extent possible, Lusomeet shall previously inform its Members of a maintenance operation or of any updates. The Member renounces to seek Lusomeet’s responsibility within the scope of the operation and exploration of the services.
Similarly, Lusomeet would not be held responsible for a non-operation, non-possibility of access, or for bad conditions of use of the Lusomeet website imputable to inadequate equipment, to the Member’s access supplier internal malfunctions, to Internet overflow, and for any other reasons external to Lusomeet.

7.3 Links

The website may supply or third parties may include links to other websites or to other Internet sources. Because Lusomeet cannot control those sites and external sources, it cannot be held responsible for the inclusion of those sites and external sources, and cannot be held responsible either for their content, publicity, products, services or any other element available in all or in parts of those external sites or sources. Any difficulty regarding a link should be submitted to the administrator or to the webmaster of that site. Be reminded that the creation and/or use of those external sites and sources are ruled by their own Conditions of Use.

Ultimately, if within the scope of a research of the Lusomeet website, the result of that research leads the Member to mention in sites, or forums whose title and/or contents are a violation of the Portuguese Law, the Member is invited to stop using the site, under the risk of compromising its responsibility.

7.4 Disclaimer

In no case whatsoever shall Lusomeet be held responsible for indirect damages suffered by their Members and especially for the data loss (including copies) or recordings made by their Members. Members are responsible for making safety copies.

Article 8. Convention between the Member and Lusomeet

These Conditions of Use, as well as the pages mentioned therein, constitute a contract which rules the Member-Lusomeet relation. They annul and replace all previous provisions not expressly mentioned or attached and constitute all the rights and obligations of Lusomeet and of the Member regarding the object.
Some Members may send or transmit offensive purposes and offensive or obscene material in Lusomeet and any person could be involuntarily exposed. It is also possible that some obtain personal information on other Members, due to the use of the Lusomeet services and then use that information to offend or stalk. Lusomeet is not responsible for interaction between Members and/or any personal information a Member decides to exchange through those services. Members should be careful when selecting the type of information they publish in Lusomeet or send to other Members. Members should not hesitate in contacting Lusomeet if they feel abused.

Lusomeet can give no guarantees on dates planned through their services. No pre-selection of Members is made and the service is available to all.

Article 9. Alterations to Lusomeet or to the General Conditions of Use

Lusomeet reserves itself the right to alter or update the web pages, services, prices or applicable Conditions of Use at any moment. These alterations shall entre in force after accessing the website, without prejudice to the right any Member has to terminate their bond with Lusomeet. Otherwise, the Member has been considered to have accepted these alterations and to continue using the websites or its services.
Consequently, Members are invited to consult the most recent online version of the site. The Member’s presence on the site infers its full acceptance of any revision or alteration.

Article 10. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

These conditions of use are ruled, interpreted and applicable in conformity with the Portuguese Law. Portuguese courts are the only competent courts to rule over any litigation regarding these conditions, including, without limitation, regarding its validity, interpretation, implementation and/or termination and consequences.

Article 11. Who are we ?

Lusomeet is a brand held by WebsMind Lda, registered at the Odivelas Company Registration Office (Portugal).