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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I'm a fact lover and love to listen, learn, laugh, entertain, host, and visit with all-minded folks. Let's do new things but not give up those comforting rituals that keep our feet on the ground.

I wake up in the morning, clap my hands once and say "bring it on world". So I would say that I am open to new experiences, and will try just about anything(in an organized fashion).

I like to win! I don't mind losing. If you never lose, then winning just isn't very fun iykwim. So challenges are my hobby. :-) I finally figured out what my hobby is. Yay!

I feel like and am ready to retake the world if I find the right match to join me. It is not as fun to do it alone. Would you agree?

I must confess tho, football is my spectator sport and have no trouble traveling to see a good live game anywhere. I have NFL sunday ticket and a dream to have a big-screen in every room. Hope that's okay. Surprisingly, I don't do the fantasy football thing yet.
Maybe this year,... my buddy is trying to get me into it.

Last year went to Fedex Stadium in DC to see a game. Tailgating is the best networking opportunity, so let's head south to San Diego for a game? If you have never been, I can only say it's up there in the top 10 things to do all time next to bungie jumping. (i've never done that)

In the past year I have traveled to South Beach, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Charleston, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Nantucket, Phoenix, Dallas, Sante Fe.Read more