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Warning this profile is long but it is who i am in a nutshell. I do not feel the need to BS people just tell you who I am if you like it cool if not have a good day then :)
Second warning I am not your typical "Black guy" :D
Another thing I have noticed is the personality thing says im "less independent" I beg to differ I have lived on my own since the age of 19 I have taken care of myself since then and abhor living off of others.
Chivalry is not dead.
I live by it swear by it care by it. I am a nurturer.
Most women cannot seem to handle that if you are one of them move on..
If you are looking for a "thug" please move on I'm just me I fit into no categories except maybe Geek. Or Tribal. I LOVE tribal women primal natural women who dont see a need to shave or pretty themselves up with makeup are a bonus.
I am an ENFP personality wise it means my primary mode of living is focused externally, where I take things in primarily via my intuition. My secondary mode is internal, where I deal with things according to how I feel about them, or how they fit in with my personal value system.
I practice Shamanism yet believe in God yes it is possible and I respect all other religions.
My spirits totems are the Pied Crow the Wolf and the Hawk.
I will not speak Ebonics. Period. I pride myself in my proper English.
I do not listen to rap.
I dress alternative.
I don't watch sports (I like to play them)
I do not drink beer (liquor for me please)
This does not mean I am not proud to be Black/Native American I am very proud I just feel I do not need to act a certain way to be of a certain race.
What to expect from me.
I am loyal to the point to where I turn heads. If i am with someone and another woman (who knows I'm taken) hits on me she had better be prepared for a tongue lashing. To hit on me while I am taken I will consider disrespecting the one I am with and no one disrespects her not even me. I have never cheated in my life and never will to cheat is the lowest thing a person can do.
Whatever rules WE place down we will discuss first and if we both agree on them I will abide by them myself. Example:If i am uncomfortable with you talking to your ex (im usually not) that means I will not talk to my exes as well.
I see my honesty as a blessing and a curse. I will not lie to the one I am with as I fear Karma coming back on me. To lie to your significant other is to disrespect her.
I understand every woman needs her girl time. If you tell me you need a bit of space I will give it I am not a smother-er.
A relationship is 50/50 it takes two to tango as it takes two wings to fly. There are no roles for women as their are no roles for men both have their strengths and weaknesses we balance each other out.
I will always respect your word as you should respect mine as well. Around my friends that respect will not change if they do not like you it doesn't matter to me.

Another important thing about me is I am a gamer. yes I'll admit that but ill admit another thing as well...the game will be there when i get back a woman might not...she comes before the games. Period.
I also cook and clean BONUS!!
One very important thing I might add. I might be a man who will show you dignity and respect but I am NOT a pushover. I will put my foot down when I need to and I have a firm belief in never going to bed angry.
I am not a "nice guy" I am a "chivalrous guy". I open doors I pull out chairs I pay tabs. I am old fashioned like this. If you believe that this will "make you feel inferior" I am not the man for you. Women are not inferior in my eyes they are equal in my eyes. You will receive no games from me. "Game" or spitting such things are for high school students.

Things I usually notice first in a woman
Eyes: Definitely the window into the soul I love a woman's eyes especially bright or warm eyes.
Nose: yes its an odd admiration but I admire a woman with a "well defined" nose I am not sure why this's not a FETISH its kind of hard to explain...its almost like if i see a combination of beautiful eyes and nose my heart can shift a bit.
Lips: I don't think i need to explain this one here's a hint: Kissing
Thighs and hips: It's only natural I have a fondness for well defined thighs or hips.Read more