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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I am a strong, intelligent, and independent man but don't let that scare you. I am easy to get along with and fun. I love to laugh--I like dancing at musical events.I am a very simple, easy going, positive person. I don't see the point in making a big deal out of little things. If it's not going to matter a month from now, why waste my time getting mad about it? I have a tendency to put others before myself. I'm told that I'm a great friend who listens well and gives good advice. I joke around a lot, and would love if you can take it as well as give it back. I'm just as happy to get a single flower as I am to get a whole bouquet, and would prefer pizza or Outback to an expensive restaurant any day.I am big hearted, warm and affectionate. A smart, thoughtful, funny, fit, think-outside-the-box kinda man. Equal parts country and city man, I feel lucky to be here and to be living this life. I am in love with this world for its amazing beauty and depth and pleasures and soul, while being aware of its many ironies and absurdities, too.In general, the things that move me most are simple pleasures. Some loves of mine: the natural world, early mornings before the world wakes up, the pleasure of a good cup of coffee, falling asleep outside under a star filled sky, music - especially live, good food and drink, a very physical day, heartfelt and/or irreverent conversations, dancing, a good book, exploring the urban and natural worlds, travel - especially out of the country and off the beaten path, and just about any natural body of water.Read more