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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I am a fit, fun loving, intelligent, spontaneous, passionate, Christian man who loves life and people. I appreciate every day I am alive. I'm often quiet because I'm thinking or observing other people. People interest me a lot. It is amazing how much one can learn by just observing and talking with others.I enjoy striking up conversations with strangers because I enjoy talking with people. I am a natural giver, I want people I know to be happy. It is hard to offend me and I actually like criticism because it helps me grow to be a better person. I'm constantly trying to improve myself. I want to be the best possible person I can. I want to be remembered in this life as someone who helps people, whether it be a simple act of kindness or being an inspiration. People, not things are most important in my life. One of my favorite quotes come from Elvis Presley "Money is meant to be sharedRead more