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Portugal region of origin

His essay

Even though I may not seem to be that way. I have been born with slight learning disability . I have work ethics over average than most out there. I stay focus and concentrated before any task or project is done. I use my Intuition more than body language as interaction in public. I have a spiritual gift called "Clair-sentience". I'm a very simple person. My hobbies would be playing video games like RPG, Fighting, First Shooter, including old games like Super Mario Brothers series.
I'm a amateur Ghost Hunter, I have slept at the Myrtles Plantation and had a few experiences there and dying to go back and explore more. I also have investigated The Mortuary on Canal St in the French Quarter.I also help to do family projects. My interests Fishing, Camping, Boat-Rides,-Road-Trips,BBQ, Crawfish boils, Walking in Jean Lafitte trails. Movie Theater. I also believe in Incarnation not everybody have not been Incarnated on Earth. Just a few. Jesus "Reincarnated", there's a difference. I don't drive because of my Learning Disability, don't get me wrong I can drive, just that I have anxiety about driving and being around tons of people. I don't mind drinking when I go places to make m feel comfortable.

I'm pretty honest and a spiritual person. I enjoy being single
and have been by choice and not desperate and just be with any woman. Yes, I am a smartass in a good way. I believe in a one on one type dating, and I will drop any female that double standard me. I don't care on whom you talk to. Just be honest, straight forward and communication. I rather be single than put up with drama and bullshit. I try not be shallow, but I do have my own taste in women as in some looks, morals, Integrity, self respect, adventurous, Family oriented. Read more