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I will tell you more about me if you ask me as I am not really good in describing myself in the form of writing or essay. But I promise you I am not a bad guy and I respect everybody and treat everyone equally,, especially women, I do have a lots of respect for them because in my opinion, women are the most magnificent creature, a pure solid diamond that God had ever created in order to be with a man to be able to adventure and conquer the world and together they will make a journey to the unknown world to bring it out into a world of reality. The "unknown world" that I mean in here is the world of "love". Man can survive in any part of this world or any type of living or even in his own imagination, but he cannot survive by himself in the world of "Love" therefore man need to go and search for his Love, search for that special someone who then will become his friend, his partner and his allies in a process of became one and to bring another life into this world which is a quiet responsibility. Man was created to look after the world but he cannot do it by himself therefore God took pity on him by gave him a gift out of his own body to be able to be with him in every moment to look after the world in an union with that part of him that we called “women “so there is no way that a man should live by his own when part of him has been taken away and is out there somewhere waiting for him to reclaim it back. So, believed that other part of me is out there right now and is waiting for me but exactly which one I do not know,, only a feeling can bring it to me,, a feeling of somebody's heart a women’s heart who is out there right now and waiting for me to grab it gentle with "love" any way that's how I describe thing at the moment. Just additional note, I came from a very good family background where honest, respect and equally treated is our strong form of attitude inside our family. I think I better end it here and as I stated above so please feel free to write back to me if you are interested in meeting me. There are much more interesting stuff to be discovered and uncover when two person meet and talking through thing. I always believed that taking thing through process will always give us a good result so chatting through thing could also be interesting as it is a form of starting to get to know each other. Last, I am ready to take into a full level of responsibility in relationship so I am here quiet straight forward and I don't want to play with somebody else's life here I mean a women’s life, women is to be loved, care about, support her in any situation she may faced, respect her career and most importantly is not play around with her life because she is the mother of your children, she is your other half that will take care of you when you are in need, she is uniquely created by God to be with and also I am here in this world because of a women, and I also have a women that is part of my blood like my sisters and all the others women that is related to me so there is no way in my life to not have a respect for a women so for that reason, I would like to take thing seriously as I am ready to set up a family and get the life move. Any way we come to this part,,, I Would like to meet a women who is kindly, nice, good personality and good character who ready to take thing seriously in life too. I am quiet into a humour, like to talk about interesting stuff, sharing general knowledge, like to adventure into unknowing world but need someone to start the journey with I don’t care about your background as we are going to start the future so it doesn’t really matter but all I ask for is love me as the way I am, love me because your heart says so respect our union of love, help me keep our union sacred and forever, and in every situations we may face, our kids and family always came first. I believe that the strong harmony of one family is happen when children are happy seen their parent always together in the union of “love” anyway we come to an end of my essay and this is just additional note: if you are here just for fun, then please don’t waste your time because I am here to looking for my especial women my other half who I would marry and presented to my family especially my mother as she has been asking about it every time I talked with her. Thank you for reading my humble essay or opinion about these few little thing I wrote above,,, sorry if I could not think of a best idea to describe something better. I send you my love!!!..... ( Reiz )Read more