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His essay

Thank you for checking out my profile. Unfortunately I don't think I can truly encapsulate my personality in only 4000 characters. But I will do my best to give you an understanding of the essence of Denny based on these factors:

* I sleep with four pillows and a body pilllow. Do not get jealous. Know that I care more about you than the body pillow.
* My favorite shows are Cops and Law & Order. I can't explain it, but at the same time I will not ask you to justify why you like reality TV. Even though Cops is the only REAL reality TV. (Please note - no extra points are given if you have been on an episode of Cops. You actually lose 1/2 point).
* I always say 'please' and 'thanks'.
*Fall is my favorite season.
* I like playing sports and going to sporting events. Unfortunately I can not tell you what blah, blah, blah's ERA is or where he went to college. Honestely, that is not what makes my world go round.
* But yet I love watching games on Sunday. Go figure.
* I own my own place so I enjoy home improvement projects on the weekend. Yes, your creative interior design input is valued.
* I like to eat everything from sushi to steak
* I think that a relationship needs the foundation of a strong friendship (pillow fights and 'trust exercises' are a must).
* I want to be able to watch you when you are in the 'zone' at work or doing something you love and think it is truly amazing.
* Unfortunately I am a man which means I am wired differently than you. So I may not say it as much as I should, but know that my actions are how I express how I feel about you. And even then, I may not always communicate in your language. I am with you for a reason.
* I have an odd sense of humor and love to laugh (whether at ourselves or something else). You should too.
* Just accept my compliments and the random massage. As indicated above - I am communicating.
* I enjoy traveling and exercise in my free time

Anyway that is a little about me. Basically I am looking for a partner-in-crime. A relationship that challenges us both to be better people, but doesn't regard fault as imperfection. Nobody is perfect so I don't expect you to be. All I want is for us to be perfect for each other.

In closing I do not expect this all to happen on the first date. Getting to know somebody takes time. So lets just have fun and let time figure things out and see if they are right.

Please say 'hi' or send me your email so i can contact you if you think we share similar goals and values.Read more