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Portugal region of origin

His essay

Hi there,Well where do i start.....................I am good fun, down to earth, a great listener, good speaker, open mind, social, loving, caring, intelligent, straightforword, reasonable, confident,great sense of humour, interested in people. I am very independent and easy going,but fun to be with and pretty mad especially when in the company of friends. I have lots of wonderful friends. I'd like to meet someone who is full of life, mature,Decent,Intelligent and fun to be with,likes good restaurants,going out and travelling........
I addition to that and in no particular order, I like spending sundays in bed when it's raining outside.I love cooking and Good food like Indian Arabic and Italian.......................

I enjoy a good film and i love music, the way it affects your mood & sparks memories. I love to help anyone whenever i can, And when I help others,there's no expectation of some reward or recognition.
I love to be with people making them feel good and having a laugh ,and I love a good debate intelligent conversation, I read obsessively.I like traveling, discovering new places, different cultures... And there are many more places I would like to go to, but it is always better if you can do it with someone special.

I consider myself quite adventurous and spontaneous and trying to find new things to do all the time! I value an education, not for the money or power associated with it, but because of the passion for learning; because academia provides an outlet for the desire to know and to learn.I guess I view education as a passion, a spiritual compulsion rather than an obligation to society.I prefer witty to not-witty as it speaks to the internalization of what one has learned in life - not just from books. Life without laughter is miserable, and I want no part of misery, and dead-pan keeps me on my toes.Read more