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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I am retired I love to play billiard, read, listen to music dance and play with my cats gardening bicycle woodworking cabinet making building I am a serious person and wish somebody faithful. I am learning Russian language. I am soft man with a very strong feminine side, I have strong intuition and can put myself into the woman heart and head and understand. I am one woman man. I can have serious and also fun conversation. I was hurt badly by Ukrainian girl and I am still naive about them as I believe that one is not everybody!!!??? I give myself an other chance but I will be very very cautious now as I do not want to experience and other situation like this. I believe in everybody and being like this I make more friends. I am trustful person, sentimental, warm hearted and helping person. It is always fun to be with me. I am a self made man with a lot of life experience. I plan to go to Ukraine again this spring or summer. I am not ready to start communicating for now as I am selling my house in Canada and move to sunny Portugal, so for now I am very busy and I am doing some window shopping, I will get in touch with people that I am interested to meet. Please do not fall in love over some letters as serious things will start when we meet in person. Thank you. Michel Read more