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Portugal region of origin

His essay

Considerate and tolerant of others; casual without pretense, and an easy travel companion. Can be very affectionate, but not clingy. I no longer live for validation, but rather for principle. I will, however, boast to a big smile which I wear often. Would like to think that I am still growing as a person, and more of a nurturer than a controller, a doer rather than a spectator, and giver over a taker. Like to work hard, play hard, and sometimes do nothing at all hard. It would be presumptuous to brag, but I have been told more than once that, I'm a patient listener and excellent communicator, and very supportive friend - an old soul with a young heart. You be the judge. My many passions include in a casual, healthy (most types), travel, sports-golf, working out, wining and dining,trying new things, the outdoors, esp. the beach and mountains, good conversation, reading, writing, current events, the company of positive people, and romance!

Time is precious and I desire a lifelong partner- I want a relationship structured on trust, respect and nurturing growth.I'm looking for my best friend and partner in life who shares my values and my priorities which are honesty,loving, passionate, compromising, affectionate, assertive, sensitive, independent, unselfish, communicative, confident in herself, and considerate. A person with a heart and a soul who knows how to give of herself. Someone with inner and outer beauty and most of all someone who knows how to love. I am looking for that mind, body and soul connection that is so rare and hard to find.Read more