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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

I am a very young , in appearance and attitude 60 year old divorcee. I have one adult son and three grandsons. I am of Portuguese decent. My grandparents were from the Azores and settled in California. I have relatives I have never met still in the Azores. I am a Social Worker by profession. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and worked for Child protective services for thirty years. I am retired from that government job and now work just three half days per week doing therapy groups for substance abuse patients. I live alone in my own home. I enjoy interior decorating, cooking for good friends and family, light gardening, horseback riding, I walk my two dogs regularly, babysit for grandsons frequently, and basically enjoy quiet times with really good friends and family. I love my home to be beautiful and esthetically pleasing, as I do my clothing and any surroundings I am in . I abhor dishonesty and cruelty, and am probably considered quite liberal politically and personnaly. Read more