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His essay

I am hopelessly romantic. Therefore I am very emotionally driven. A beautiful sunset, poems and lovely music. Nothing more beautiful than 2 people madly in love. Fairytale endings I still belief do exist but the fairies have lost my address a long time ago, but I am helping them now, so perhaps….. who knows.....??? Shared moments don't always have to be something drastic. It can be in a glance. A quiet moment. Each one enjoying what makes them happy. Appreciation for your partner’s dreams. Care and comfort. To feel comfortable without looking for reasons why. Listen but hearing what is said not what you think is said. Real communication- not just kids, work and Trivial things. Put aside your feelings for the right moment and know when your partner is upset. Really care. After all she is your partner, lover and best friend. I am not good with false pretence or how it is suppose to work according to the books. I hate walking away from a problem. Face the music and get it over with. Trust, respect and honesty is major with me. I like to know where I stand and if told a lie it makes me mad. Not because of the lie but because the person telling it must think I'm stupid. I am not good at being a nuisance or irritating. Tell me I'll go away. The word love is used so easily but to me it means a lot LOVE: . L=loyalty O=oath V=venerated E=eternally. nMaybe I had too much time to think about all this. hehe n I like to reach for the stars, and if I find someone that reaches with me the chances are better. I have many flaws and make mistakes daily - nobody is perfect. But one thing I can say i6s I'm sorry I was wrong. Never lost anything by doing that except losing the fight haha. Not difficult. If we were perfect then it makes the Bible full of lies. I belief in God and am grateful for my blessings. Revenge and hate is a waste of time. nI love laughing. Love to see humor in situations. I tend to see pictures in my mind. You use only one muscle to smile. nI have made lots of sacrifices through the years for kids and it was my honour to do so. No sympathy. I love my life. No regrets.nWow, but lucky for you on the other side, there is a delete button. Press if you think this is nonsense.nIf you find some truth, let me know. I'm open for criticism or conversation. It was all locked up for such a long time. But so be it.There are lots of other things I like or don't like. But please this was difficult enough.nTake care.
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