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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

Hi there, writing about myself is not something I enjoy but I will try describe myself as best as I can. I am a professional, well educated, independent and down to earth woman living abroad. I have little faith in dating services or online dating, here we are always superstars, but I am just me and I won't embellish or tell you that I'm who I am not. I'm looking for a fun easy going, hard working, open minded, sophisticated, intelligent and educated partner, in other words if you can talk walk and chew gum at the same time, we have a start there. I have many hobbies and I keep myself busy with friends, traveling but there's nothing like a change to sleep late on a day off from work. I know I must sound absolutey boring but writing these profiles is about as much fun as having a bucket of ice poured over my head, so forgive my sarcasm or humor but I really hope you will just see a girl, standing here in front of you, with nothing to hide and just wanting to be herself. I'm simple really. Read more