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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

I am a musician/artist/writer/photographer... who likes adventure, fun, and spontaneity. I like to skateboard, snowboard, and skydive, but can also be traditional and just enjoy a good talk and a laugh with friends. My father was born and raised in Caminha, and I was born in the USA, but have dual Portuguese/USA citizenship. I was raised with the best of both - with the traditions, religion, culture, food, very close family, and morals of a Portuguese girl, while having the advantages of growing up in the USA where we are taught to always follow our dreams and that anything is possible in life. Although I must admit that I love Portugal more than the USA!:) I am in the process of getting my Portuguese passport, and own a small piece of land in Caminha, and hope to finally be able to live in Portugal and travel throughout Europe soon, although I will always be traveling back to the US often, because my family is there and I love them very much. I am very much like my Portuguese grandmother, we share much of the same personality traits and values, but I am much more adventurous and artistic. I would love to meet Portuguese people for friendship, or to be pen pals, but also my dream is to meet a nice, intelligent, fun, humorous, Portuguese guy with good morals to fall madly in love with and eventually marry. As for speaking Portuguese, I am bad at speaking it right now (my parents, uncles, and grandparents are fluent, though, so I am used to hearing Portuguese and understand many words), but I am really trying to learn, and will eventually become fluent at speaking it, I promise!:) If you need, I can translate my letters/emails into Portuguese if you don't speak English well. Can't wait to meet you and maybe someday have adventures together!Read more