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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I transplant from Algarve / Portugal to United States, New York.
I don't believe distance is the deal breaker for my match and I to make it work.
I little something about me:

A confident and self-accomplished dude, that can be shy at 1st, very observant and loving, respectful and for sure a gentleman. I enjoy an intelligent conversation and it always wins. I live by ?mean what you say and say what you mean?. my word is very precious to me and once I give it to you, understand what your holding on your hands. My friends in a few words would describe me as; Real, honest, loyal, committed an amazing gentleman and responsible. I am emotional responsible and not attached to any passed intimate relationships, I don?t believe in replacing one person with another but if a relationship doesn?t workout, to give yourself time to heal on your own, it?s not fare to yourself and your future partner for you to carry something old into something new. I?m not jealous and would never disrespect you but believe in karma and dharma.Read more