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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

I'm an optimistic, sporty lady with gray eyes and romantic nature. But my real beauty is not that which is visible. The real one is inside. It is that beauty which is true and does not disappear with the years. I believe life is such a gift to all of us. And it has to be appreciated at its true value. But one can feel and enjoy this gift to the fullest just if he shares it with his second half. My dream is to find such a Man here! The Man with whom I can share all my life and everything I have. I am an open and easy-going person. I make friends easily and try to be positive about people. I like to travel very much especially in warm countries as I like sea and beach very much. I would like to live somewhere near the sea and enjoy summer the whole year round. I am very open and hospitable, I prefer to tell truth and be honest with people. I dream about kids and family, and I hope that this dream will come true soon!Read more