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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

To describe ME is very EASY, I am a smart, fun, successful, tall, and good looking lady. I am very ambitious and love to try new adventures in all aspects of life.I am not telling you what YOU want to hear,Nothing But The Truth is what you will get .I am the type of person who is out-going, spontaneous,and passionate but yet patient, open-minded, humorous and romantic.I think the little things are important that men need and yearn to have in all relationships.I'm an easy-going person who is so tired of the bar/nightclub atmosphere and figured to give this a shot since a relative of mine met an incredible person this way .Hoping maybe lightening will strike twice, then again it doesn't hurt to give it a try .I love to go dancing and dining out but yet can very easily stay in and watch a movie at home .I'm very active and willing to try anything. Pretty much a person who makes friends with anyone,its obvious I love to travel where I live for the sun, beach , and the ocean(surfing) but also love to snowboard for a little adventure .Read more