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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

Its not very easy to describe a person like me, not that I have a complex personality but Im something a little bit more than a woman lol. I can describe myself as adorable, caring, kind hearted, soft, loving, warm, tender and gentle. Im also very true, honest and hardworking. I am one of the most fantastic people in this world (yes Im proud to say that) because I can influence any person with my love and care to change his or her life positively. Im saying this cos I want you to know that im worth talking to. I live a very simple life, I try my best to avoid complications.I'm smart, emotionally strong, and almost never get sick. I have a warm smile and a Mediterranean look. I try to be beauty both inside and out. I recycle, volunteer, give blood and sincerely believe that we can all make a difference.
Life is too short to be getting yourself involved in drama all the time so I try to set myself loose and have as much fun as I can. Im a true romantic at heart, a very passionate woman. Someone who enjoys intimacy and romance. Im the kind of woman who loves showing affection anywhere and at anytime so you better be ready for that if you wanna be with a woman like me lol. I enjoy swimming, dancing, playing pool and a lot of other things that are fun. I love the outdoors, camping and hiking. I want to start a matured relationship, I need someone special to share my special heart with. I want something real but something that can as well pass for a fairy tale.Read more