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Her essay

I am very emotional and sensitive person. It is so easy to make each other happier. It is so pleasant to make surprises for each other, to present flowers and receive smile of precious human as a reward. I am a laid-back and cheerful girl. I am very happy with every day that comes. I have got many friends and I make them easily. But I want to find my beloved to create a family and have children in the future. I am faithful and I don't appreciate lies. I like humor and I am not afraid to be funny. I am good at cooking and like my house to be cozy. You won't find more positive person than I am! My motto is: It doesnít matter how bad you feel today, tomorrow it will be better for sure! My dream is to travel around the world. I am curious to know everything! People say I am full of fire. I don't know, maybe they are right. I know for sure that I enjoy every moment of my life!I'm a romantic girl who likes to look at stars and dream about future. And I think that you can become a dreamer with me and enjoy your life full of different surprises. But on the other hand I am a positive person who is always in good mood because life is too short for being sad. Also I'm fond of cooking, and it's one of the best features of my character. I'm sure that I'll find a way to your stomach even if it is complicated and intricate. I can be the most delicious dish for you if you are my second half. I love sunsets and I am dreaming about the most romantic sunset in my life I will share with my special man. I want to make every day for us inimitable. If I will find my destiny I will do everything to make my man the happiest human in the world. I do not care about age, religion and cultural differences between us, because when love comes, it doesnít ask how old we are, or what we believe in. It is simply comes and takes people into another world. This world is called paradise. We could go there with you!
My man should be a kind, sympathetic, giving and happy man. Someone who could make me happy once and forever! It is so nice if we have some common interests. I think life is given only once and one should spend it with a right person. I need to find a man to whom I can give all my energy and love and to whom I can fully trust. I hope you have a lot to share with me also? Letís take this chance and experience happiness and love together! What do you think about such a woman as I am? Can you be the ray of the sun in my life?Read more