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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

I want to find a good man, who will love me and will want to share with me everything - joy of life and happiness of having family. I am an optimist and I think that everything will work out if you make efforts and believe in your success. I am smiling and merry and it is not difficult to make me laugh. I do not need many things for happiness as even really sincere smile and several nice words can make me happy! I am serious about having a family with a man that possesses traditional family values. I have a lot of dreams but the biggest dream of mine is to meet really big love. The word "Love" means a lot to me. I am a girl with traditional family values and I think the highest values in a relationship are true love and respect. I am an educated, kind and tolerant. My heart is full of love to nature and music. ..........What could be better than to meet a man of your dream! I need a nice, physically attractive, active, strong, successful, giving man with a sense of humor, who has good skills in communication. Also he should be caring, tender, faithful and exemplary family man and of course sexual. I want to find sincere man, no one wants to be deceived, every hope should be lived up. I want to meet not just man, but also a partner and a friend, whom I will trust! My man should be self-confident, kind and clever person! I think he also should have active position in life! I will do my best to help him and support all his aims! That will be great if we can have some common hobbies! Sense of humor is also important for me! I cannot imagine my life without it! I am sure I can give as a present my heart to a man, who is also fair! I am really direct person, and I do not understand dishonesty in the relationship. Love in heart and soul are the most important!Read more