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Her essay

This on-line dating is new to me, never have done it ,don't even know where to begin. You need to be clear about what you want... and what you don't want.
Strengths: Easy Going. I do have a sense of humor and enjoy the simple things in life.
Tend to be well-adjusted, trusting, compassionate, intuitive and interested in people.
I can't really say what my perfect man would be like but a good personality and a pretty smile goes a long way with me.
I wish to find someone who is playful and adventurous, yet one who will balance you - someone who is calm, decisive, strong-willed, focused and supportive of your enthusiastic, caring and imaginative spirit. Anyone who is easy-going and self depended are good traits. I realize we are at middle age in our lifes so there is without a doubt a lot going on with personal, work, family and friends. It's important that both sides are flexible in order to make any relationship work.
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