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Her essay

I'm the type of girl that takes pride in who I am, I enjoy working out and making my body look sexy. I don't do it for the attention, but it's one of the aspects that motivates me. Angels goal is to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and maintain my beauty for as long as I can. I try to be reserved when it comes to my diet and I eat as healthy as I can.
Life is a divine gift; we need to use it wisely. This means we need to use our resources, our minds and our energy to do better in life. But what does doing “better” really mean? Does it mean having a good job or running a steady business and making more money or does it simply mean being happy with who we are ‘inside- out’?

Although each of us is different, we all would like to lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. To make this possible, you would first need to be clear in your intent and focused on your life’s purpose. You would also need to take time to reflect on the direction you would like to follow in your life’s journey. But most importantly, you would need to realize one important thing: it is only you and you alone who has the power to make your life better.
After a good hard workout, I love taking showers to cool me off and to relax in. I usually do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio so I can build up a good sweat, I make sure to clean myself off properly after every workout and maintain that fresh Varona scent.
I'm not like most girls, I am honest and upfront. "I spend a lot of time and hard work in keeping in shape". I find my appearance to be very important and I take pride in every aspect of my body. Growing up, I've always been the girl that had developed earlier than everyone else, I was the type of girl you would find at the grocery store next to the watermelons, not the oranges, like I said, I'm not a shy type of girl and I take pride in every aspect of my body.
I think it is very important to keep your teeth white and clean. I enjoy smiling and feel confident when I do. That's why I brush my teeth at least twice a day and I never forget to floss.I am a perfectionist, I live in an age of perfection, if everything is perfect I am happy. When something is wrong, I am easily bothered (aggravated) and will do what I can to make it perfect again.
Deep down, I love everyone around me, I am an independent woman with the heart of a little girl. I love pink, pink is my favorite color. I love being the princess, and one day when I find my prince, I hope he will appreciate me for everything I am and nothing more.
Angels Words To You:

I am an strong girl, I don't care how many people may insult me, I've grown to realize people will always continue to assume things about me based on what they see, although deep down I'm an innocent girl with the average mindset of any other girl my age. I like to express my love towards myself by taking pictures. I find it fun and it gives me an aura of happiness to see myself smile.Read more