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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

Hi, my name is Ana Paula but, I go by Paula. I decided to join this site hoping to find a man that is Portuguese and American. The reason why is that I am both. Portuguese but now Americanized. I was born in Portugal, but I moved a couple of times after that between U.S.A. and Portugal. I also have lived in Buenos Aires from 2005 to 2009, great experience. I'm very family oriented, and I adore my family very much. Love going back home. Being a Pre-k teacher before and now a Personal Assistant in Palm Beach, Florida, I'm very lucky to have summers off. This gives me the opportunity to do the thing I love to do the most, which is to travel. Now you see why I need to find someone that is both? It's not easy to meet Portuguese single men, so this site will help me with that I hope. I have had a very busy life and now I?I'm ready to find someone to share it with, but continue to enjoy life to the fullest. I am very active, full of energy, happy, positive and always in a good mood. I try to see the good in everything and everyone. I'm also very honest and respectful. Things I like to do? Well, I must say that I'm easy going and enjoy pretty much everything that life has to offer. There are so many places to see and things to do. I love the outdoors. I absolutely hate drama and I'm not a jealous person. I want to find someone to walk on the beach with, go for brunch, dinner and a glass of wine, movies, gym, ice cream so much more. Besides traveling, the next thing I love to do the most is dance. It's in my blood. Dancing is so much fun, makes me smile and forget about the world. Just be happy. My soul mate definitely needs to love to dance. I'm also very creative and crafty, so I always have a project going on. Well, I can go on and on. I'm looking for a man I can vibe with on a spiritual and intellectual level. Someone who will teach me new things and inspire me. He needs to always be honest, respectful and himself. Treat me like a respectful lady and I will respect my king. Treasure and love one another. I know it's hard to get to know someone by just a few photos and a couple of paragraphs, so if you want to get to know me better you should message me.Read more