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Her essay

Well to begin with I am looking for someone who also believes
friendship is just as important as all other aspects of a
relationship. Who is not afraid to share a life with that special
someone.I am also a down to earth woman one who is loving and will treat his
man right with love and respect and understanding. One who will listen
to him and appreciate him and not take him for granted. I will offer
my moral support as well as emotional and if I can help him in all
that I can to the best of my ability. I
also love to have children with a nurturing and loving man but if he
is unable to have
children for obvious reasons then that is okay too.
I am searching for my soul mate my one and only true love, I believe
in destiny and fate and all things happen for a reason good or bad and
I seek him with my heart and soul. I am a very deep spirited person as
well as sensitive. Very intelligent and one who is serious when needed
to be and at the same time have a sense of wittiness and goofiness and
also humorous.
Also very passionate, romantic and sensual. Most of all one that knows
how to treat a man affectionately and lovingly. So if you feel that
spark and chemistry lets get started what are you waiting for?
My Ideal Person:
Well, he would have to be affectionate and very passionate as well as
loving me completely. Also a warm hearten and caring individual with a
listening ear and a nurturing heart. Also to have some inclination of
spirituality and a good intellectual side which when we talk he
constantly amazes me and challenges me.
age does not matter in a relationship the heart matters a lot
so our age difference mean nothing to me because i want to find
someone who will show me the true love I've always wanted
don't want to fall for the wrong person i want some-one that is not
afraid of speaking there mind and being who they are
meant to be. Not fake, and also one who is not afraid to love and
commit to the point of marriage and saying I do for a lifetime of
adventure and commitment. To me physical beauty would be the last
thing I seek there has to be some mutual chemistry of course otherwise
how can we have a starting point right. ooh yeah did I mention humor.Read more