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Her essay

I'm a fun loving, open minded, kind and smart lady. I don't have any kids and I've never been married. I have 1parrot and a dog that I enjoy. I like to cook, keep my house clean and over all I'm an organized person. I'm not perfect and I don't expect you to be. I have a good job and circle of friends. I appreciate acts of chivalry. I'm old fashion when it comes to family and relationships. My glass is always half full and I hold close what is truly important in life. George Strait sings it best….”there’s a difference in living and living well.” While I’m tired of just living and ready to be living well, I have many hopes and dreams and they include someone to share them with.I'm looking for a man who is my complement/ fit. Don't get me wrong I am independent n' happy w/ who I am, it would be nice to have a man to spend quality time w/, add a lil excitement to my life You know; The yin to my yang,fire to my water,day to my night,peanut butter to my U get the picture. :)Read more