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His essay

I am a british army in afghanistan am divorced.A respected man indeed who was raised to love the Lord first, Wherever I go I find myself being a pleasant and enjoyable company. People think that my smile and my gentle voice make me noticeable. Almost everything I do is intense and balanced. You may think this is a contradiction, but they apply on different aspects of my life, or at different moments of time. I am in general a classy man,but I am constantly opened to try new things. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, going out with friends and working out. I have been divorced for over 3 years and there are times when I feel lonely and would like to make new friends. I know that I would like to have affection and understanding from a special person. I love the nucleus of the family and miss that very much and would like to have that again

I'm looking for someone that is funny, intelligent, caring, kind, adventurous, interesting, and that I can simply have a good time with.someone that knows how to take care of herself and knows what she wants in life. It would be great to meet someone that follows through on her plans, ideas, and promise-a go-getter, if you will. Someone who is educated and can carry an intelligent, but fun conversation is keen. She must have strong values and be close to her family. I'm not necessarily looking for someone that needs to spend all her time at bars and clubs. Going out is fun, but there are a million ways to have fun. Like…museums, festivals, concerts, sports, etc. Lastly, someone who will respect me and treat me well…and yes, of course I plan to do the sameRead more