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His essay

I am a God fearing man, with Jesus Christ at the center of my life, and because of it, I believe in loyalty, and faithfulness, which is a must in any relationship. Family is the foundation of a successful society, as long as it has good morals, character, integrity, and the Perfect and Pure Light at the center of it, which translates into Love first. I hate evil, but love all the good in life, including romantic candle light dinners with my sweetheart, taking walks side by side with my mate, and spending time together doing things we both enjoy, such as cruises on beautiful ocean liners, and whatever else makes her happy. She is not only my mate, and my date until I die. We have also to be realistic and understand that Christ said that in this world we will have tribulations, but He also told us never to go to bed angry. He said "Let not the sun go down on your anger" He who has God, has Love, because He is Love, and because I love Him, and have Him, I have lots of love to give. One cannot give what he/she does not have, and remember that love is a decision, we either decide to love each other, or not. Just like happiness is a decision. I do not need you, but I want YOU!Read more