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Her essay

I feel my appearance does not define my beauty. I am a young woman who still has a lot to learn in life. I am a person who is way more beautiful in the inside than the outside could ever be. I do understand that my exterior is what people judge; therefore is assumed to be things that I am not. I use to be distraught about even the littlest things, but I have learned to take it in stride. I have been through certain things in my life that has made me such a strong person, that what people say about me is ABSOLUTELY irrelevant. I try to save my tears for something worth crying about.... I am an easy going person , caring , loving ,cool , calm , kind , generous ,faithful ,honest , discipline, humble , God fearing and Iīm more interested in spiritual happiness than material gain. I try to remain as humble as possible. Iīm no saint by any means but It is important to me. I love children,Iīm childlike, love to laugh and joke, keep things light and count my blessing. I donīt drink, but donīt hold it against any one who does, Itīs their choice and I donīt judge them, just want them to be themselves.
Right now I am looking for a total package, a man who will love me for who I am and be there for me, I am tired of lies and heart brakes, I just wanna be happy again...I need a man who will love me for who I am and be there for me in good times and hard times too...I am not getting any younger, life is too short to be lonely, I wanna find love and settle down forever...Read more