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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

Someone who has his own life and interests, but would like to share. Someone who knows when to be a man (and be treated like one) and when not to be. Someone who is sufficiently well read and well versed to hold up his side in a debate. I don't expect him to know all the answers, but it would be helpful if he understood most of the questions. I don't mind some luggage (everyone has mileage), and i'm not looking for a pet - if i want obedience, i will buy a dog or hire a maid... Lol.. I'm looking for someone who has "been things & done places", but who still has a list of "I'd like to's..." Someone who is a complete person, but still needs the "other half", someone who will talk to me. Someone who will listen to me, someone who i can just hold hands with, and just be happy that he is there.
Honest, faithful and caring relationship.Read more