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Portugal region of origin

Her essay

I am very sincere and compassionate. I love sports indoor and outdoor. I love bowling, tennis, boardgames with friends and families. My hobbies are gardening, house decorating (interior design), cooking. I love traveling too to see the wonderful creation of God around the world. I believe in preserving the environment and each one of us should get involve in making our world clean. I love dancing and singing but I don't like bar hopping. I go to parties but only with occasional invitation. I love music a lot and watching action movies. I am very fashionable. I love wearing shorts during summer time and walk on the beach. I believe everyone of us have our own stories and experiences- sadness or happiness, bad or good. But whatever it is or it was, we should leave it behind and never look back except the good ones that we could learn from it. Or use it in our future journey of life to start a new beginning. For yesterday is a HISTORY and what you will do TODAY is all about your FUTURE...
What makes me unique? I love smiling lots I love to be the light of the room because I put positive energy even when tough and rough times comes our way , I still manage to smile I don't like to take problems seriously because it will create lots of stress &affects our personality and usually speed up our age . That is why I look young in my age because I just smiled and give a pretty wink and nice to all the people even some people are not nice. but, "I believe the sayings it's nice to be nice" you will gain many friends instead of enemies. And thank God my parents kept us away from tasting drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol and we are so blessed that my parents taught me in a Christian way of life and love. And God is love.....reach me on my mailRead more