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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I feel that I have much more to offer than most. I love to socialize, I love nature & traveling, I have many "passions" music being one of them. I am in fairly good shape, I stand 5'9" tall, I have dark brown hair, a silly grin that restricts me from being a good poker player. I have been told that I am "too happy;" what the frig' does that mean? Since when is that a bad thing? I am opinionated, but not pushy about it. I will NOT go along with the crowd just to fit in. I DO NOT judge a persons "success" by what they flaunt; I'll admire you much more if you are humble. If you want a man that will cherish the ground you walk on (and you being that same type of person) look no further. Let me know if your interested in getting to know me.Read more