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Her essay

fidelity and understanding person. My friends describe me as beautiful, talented, hardworking and intelligent. I work hard at my job, take pride in what I do with my life, I work full time and I go to college part time. I like to meet new people very much. I think all of the tanks, but on other hand I am too stupid and idiot in friendship or relationship with someone, because I think in life there is nothing but reality, simplified, and confidence, I think these things are the base of life & relationships this is my point, so I think by heart ....& try to do scarification, for relationships, makes beautiful scarification perfection of relationships, but dear it is to difficult, I have experienced it. (u know? So I get a lot of problems, difficulties, and betray the people 4 me ... but that life) Anyways Other things are LOVE & I think Love is Life and Love is God Its big & Greatest thing in the universe .. .&... There is nothing, but love is only making Heaven and paradise to life. Love is the whole universe, I believe, the universe can be seen in Love, but the purity and honesty are necessary to get the real flavor of love ........ LOVE is the feeling of truth, faith, honesty and reality. It teaches us lessons of scarification and there are many things its a great n biggest topic of discussion, where a million books about love, but here is my thinking and point of view ........ I will talk about the theme's then of interest to you. You know why I'm here I want nice friendship to u, specialty with foreigners, to get experience, how is life, life style, how they lead to life and most important, the way of thinking .... about some basic things, so keep it up .... and enjoy life. If u have any substituted an int with me so u can get on the board of the storyRead more