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His essay

Do you know that describing oneself is very hard and sometimes get sentimental..Despite that we give it a try,but we only get to say good things about ourselves knowing that everyone does have a bad part to herself which i know no one will contradict that...Lets me go like this (remember only good things (smiles)..)...I am a nice person,caring ,loving ,kind,open minded ,straightforward, and honest..I am a very concerned person and i hardly ignore whats going on around me,maybe thats a bad part about me ...I don't really know about this ..but some people do ask me if i am from a military family ....cos i had a serious look..tell me is that true?..cos i do stand in from of the mirror and i do see a smiling and happy face ...But i do get serious sometimes ..and when i get to have fun ..i am the funniestRead more