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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I am intelligent , creative and passionate man ... I believe that life is a continual journey with many paths to be uncovered ... it's a mystery and discovery that draw me in it , the wonder and awe, the magic of connection .. I'm responsible , sensitive, receptive, genuine, sincere and challenged to meet each day with integrity and spirit . I'm funny and witty, articulate and open minded , secure in my belief , yet open to new interpretation ....

I value the people i invite into my life, relationship (of all sorts), family (mother of a great son), my career (financially secure), simplicity, complexity, dept instead of breath, wisdom not just straight knowledge ... Paradoxes and ambiguity don't throw me , yet i expect courtesy, honesty, and directness in communication and will deliver directness in communication and will deliver the same ...

I relish… feeling, laughing, solitude when I need it, companionship when I don’t, conversations that go on for hours - serious and silly, words and language, writing, reading, feeling the weather in all states (except grueling extremes), theater, movies, dancing, quiet and fun-filled walks, sharing feelings with someone else, touching, being touched, languid nights and mornings, candles lit and casting shadows, textures brought to life through sensations.

I am looking for someone to share living with laughter and joy, intensity and calm, moments together and apart, mutual and diverse interests that bring us together in experience. I’d like you to share some of my sensitivities, yet don’t want a mirror image. I will embrace your interests, ask a lot of questions and enthusiastically join in most of the time. The nature of the connection will define the relationship if we’re willing to explore.Read more