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His essay

A life partner, a spouse, a wife these are some of the words normally used to describe what is missing. I instead would like to refer to this life partner as my confidence and best friend. One who accepts me as I am and stretches me to be all that I can unconditionally. I must admit that the prerequisites for this are rather high: I am looking for that ‘special someone, she should not be perfect, tall, or shot, but will understand the life of people who have affected her life. I seek for loyalty, fidelity, devotion, truth, reliability, gentleness, compromising, and maturity. I am unconventional in openness, trust, reliability and honesty as these are an obsession. I am well aware that I have an idea of an ideal person who probably doesn’t even exist. But I live with the unshakable belief that if we ask God in all sincerity and seek for the perfect, even this we shall find. God is enough for me and an excellent guardian. I seek refuge in none other than my God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between. Amen.Read more