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Portugal region of origin

His essay

About me, articulate and straightforward, a good communicator and an even better listener. I\'m well grounded, have an unshakable positive attitude, possess a tremendous amount of energy and believe in staying fit to experience life to its fullest. But I don\'t \"sweat the small stuff\". My friends would agree that I\'m a happy person, quick to laugh, fun loving but also hard-working. I possess a thirst for learning and exploring. Could live anywhere in the U.S. but have chosen the San Francisco Bay area to be "home base" for now for its mix of natural beauty, climate, cultural activity and technological innovation.

Interested to meet someone for romance and to share Portuguese cultural roots to do the things we both enjoy. This would probably be a mix of outdoor activity, sports and exercise, travel and cultural events. Would consider moving back to Lisbon some day. If you are physically active, enjoy some degree of internationalization and have a sense of adventure, I would love to hear from you. Let\\\'s discover the possibilities by looking into each others' eyes.Read more