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Portugal region of origin

His essay

Just so you know, I'm not going to send you funds, i'm not going to fall for your little lies, If you are a model and you need some fee's, contact your agency, Not me,No fakers please.Well it might be hard to believe but this good looking guy(lol) is truly is lonely and needs company. Im adventurous and lots and lots of fun.Lets just say I was born specially to be special and to make you feel special. And now Im looking for that special person to start something special with. Not to brag but just to be sincere, Im one of a kind because Im one of the only man in this world who truly knows what it takes to satisfy someone totally. Sincerely, I know how to make a anyone feel special and this makes me a perfect lover.Im very hardworking, dedicated but I still have time to have fun and relax because life is too short to be all serious about. I enjoy boxing alot to keep me fit, playing swimming,skiing, basktball,some water sports and a lot of other things that are fun. I love the outdoors, camping and hiking. I love spending time with my lover. Its very important for me to keep the love alive in my relationship with anybody and the only way to do so is to show love & affection all the time and I expect the same thing in return. Thanks for reading my profile, my name is Dennis and you might just be the woman for me.................Read more