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His essay

I am very active and smart; my life is full of bright events so you will never feel boring with me. I like bright colors and I enjoy every moment of my life. No matter what happens I always support my friends and family. . I am also very romantic man and I believe in true love. I think that romance and passion are the keys to perfect relations so I will do everything to keep the fire of love and passion always burning.
I am searching for the right woman to share everything in life.She should be kind and caring, a best friend and an excellent lover. I will always be by his side in any situation, in joy and sorrow. Real love can manage all the troubles and bring absolute happiness in life. I know that one day I will find it and be happy.Often when we describe our "ideal match" we paint this wonderful picture of perfection. I am not looking for perfection because I know it does not exist. What I am looking for is someone who can complete and fulfill my loneliness, someone who is in the same boat with me. I am looking for someone who is willing to build a serious long lasting relationship. I can leave everything to be with the person I love, for the love of my life, so, try me.Read more