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Portugal region of origin

His essay

As a speaker all of my life, I have met wonderful people everywhere and appreciate interesting and intelligent people. I enjoy hearing about other's successful lives and always look forward to the next trip and adventure.
I go to restaurants and places of interest every week of my life and want to share time with people who enjoy the wonders of new things to see.

I always think optimistically about every situation and never feel that I am above anyone.God is the Ultimate,i believe in the Truth about this world and the eloquence of time from the beginning of time to this time of mine and to the end of time,i want to give you the best of everything i can in whatever i indulge in today.I have grown to know that we cannot have it all but whatever we get or lay our hands on is all we should cherish and Hold on to. If i ever find love i would give it my best and give her my heart and pray that we are each others hero and never let go.
Everyone today flaunt an impenetrable personality when love can be easily viral but i refuse to be influenced by the odd perspective of the public,if it is worth going public then i want to face whatever comes to me but stay and hope for the real love most people cant find out there.
I am lucky - I have seen and done a lot of things and don't feel embarrassed about anything that I've experienced or places I've visited. I like people who are confident and have fun.Read more