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Hello Everyone, thank you for taking your time to go through my profile. I am foremost a widower and I have never for once imagined i would be here but now that i am, i would like to meet a woman that is worth it. I am a simple man. A Monogamous one woman man. I would hate to bore you by telling you how wonderful and great I am. I'm sure that you have already found this on almost every profile you read so far. I believe that words are cheap, but actions speak louder, so why bother? So, why not start with the bad stuff. I am impulsive, restless and stubborn at time, however I can't kill a fly, I shed tears when watched a sad movie. I know is not cool but it is the truth. I dislike flakes, rude and fake people. I believe everyone should be treated with respect. I am also a family oriented person and very friendly. I get along with everyone and kids of our ages like me, maybe because I am a kid at heart. I enjoy all types of music, dancing & movies. I would like to start a friendship and go from there but ultimately, i'm looking for something permanent.

You know, all women are beautiful in their own way. I suppose there are certain common similarities that we all appreciate. I'm seeking a woman with a great heart who doesn't feel to old to laugh and have fun. Must be open,honest, kind, loving, emotional and ready for something serious in life. My quest is to find my soulmate, an equal partner in life. One who shares in decisions and ideas. A deceitful person is someone I want NOTHING to do with! She should be somewhat self sufficient, not totally dependent or subservient. She should hold family in high regards and have a kind and caring heart. Someone with a good sense of humor and has a warm and gentle soul. Someone who loves me back! If she has children then she too knows what love is and they would be welcomed in my heart. Someone who would share her hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Honesty is most important, I can't stand a liar!Read more