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Her essay

I admire your ability to answer very meaningful questions and your words are very encouraging . First of all, your are welcome for the honesty. You see, I feel there are five very basic but essential elements of a relationship. They are also to a degree sequential. First is honesty and then respect. They go hand in hand and without them any type of relationship; business, personal, family, whatever, is doomed for failure. Anyone who is dishonest, can not be respected. Without showing respect, it is unlikely to be treated with honesty. Those are fundamental to trust which like respect is earned because honesty was first and was given. When trust is built and respect is earned and they are given and shared, then love will grow. When you love and trust where giving is more important than receiving then commitment becomes a part of the relationship. At that point, you promise and believe it will be forever. You can do this because you love and trust the other person and are committed to making a life to share together. This may sound silly to you, I don\'t know. But I really do believe it with all my heart and soulRead more