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Portugal region of origin

His essay

My weakness and my strength is that I get along well with me right. I wish good philosophical discussions and other topics in which you forget the time. Like to ride my bike and am very happy in the garden and on the road. Sporty no ace but active.
All joy and fun and easy new start. Gladly the sea and also hiking, nature, I love them very much..

I am not looking for penpals .... therefore is more of a meeting planned after a short communcation ... and then you can see what can come of it
Important for me is a relationship attraction , mutual respect and esteem , honesty, share common interests and passions , shared goals , fun , humor , balance between closeness and autonomy , communication and reflection.
Who am I? According passport 56 years , but ( to ) felt much younger , 170 cm tall , spontaneous, fun-loving , sporty and mostly in a good mood .
What gives me joy - to drive all the beautiful things of this world motorcycle, meet friends, dance, laugh , have fun, love to have happy , sometimes argue and reconcile .Read more