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Are you more than just another pretty face: I could go on to give you more facts about myself, like my height (6í3Ē), or my eye color (hazel)Öetc. but I have a feeling that most of the other men on this site just gave you a list of facts about themselves in the hopes that you might see something you like. I believe that the proof is in the pudding, but I will say this, Iím outgoing, I have a passion for life that seems to be very rare. I have an amazing family and the best friends in the world; I have my health and a career that gives me the freedom to enjoy some amazing things. Iíve partied with friends from the US, Australia and South America; Iíve chilled out with people from almost every walk of life. I blend in anywhere. Suit and tie, or tank top and flip flops itís all good. If youíve read this far then there is some interest, please, send me an email. Donít window shop. I donít bite. Well, only on the 3rd dateÖLOL. Iím looking for a cool ďfriendshipĒ, what I mean is someone to hang out with where you can just be yourself, No pressure, No expectations, just you for you and me for me and lets enjoy where things can go. If I found a woman thatís above and beyond the average women, then Iíd be interested in seeing where that could lead. If something happens then itís meant to be. I donít like to label any type of relationship because you never know what happens. I like to let nature take its courseÖIím a challenge, a bit elusive, fun, vibrant, funny, fun to be with, sarcastic, not afraid to put you in your place or have a little verbal sparring back and forth. I am very open-minded with an international outlook, a risk-taker who is always up for an adventure. Iím driven with anything I set my mind to. Through my studies, at parties and through friends of friends I have an international circle of friends from various parts of the world. One of my favorite quotes: ďYou canít relive the past; the future is determined by what you do today, so NOW is the only time.

Iíve spent enough time chasing after my dream (or what I thought I really wanted) with little time or desire to have anything lasting. How many girls have I dated? One big blur. But hopefully that will all change. Sometimes in life you need a wake-up call to figure out whatís REALLY important to you. I learned that having someone special in my life was vital and thatís why Iím on this site. I can get a date any day of the week but 99% of the time the women while very attractive are shallow, materialistic and flaky. Not for me. Iím looking for a *rare* combo, of a woman that is stunning on the outside and beautiful on the inside. I was sitting at home and started writing about the experience of meeting the woman thatís above and beyond all others, for me: One day I will meet a girl. She will change my life. That time will be the best years of my life, without question. When I actually meet a girl that supersedes and eclipses every other girl, past and future, it is a rare and amazing thing. Something that has to be embraced. I want to flow with it. Enjoy her beauty (and I mean beauty in all its forms). Enjoy the life force that a beautiful woman imparts to you. When you have a woman that captivates you, everything in your life becomes infused with her beauty Ė your career, your health, and your dreams. It is empowering and invigorating. In fact, to a romantic like me. There is nothing else. Only that, Romance. Now, if that touches you the way it touches me every time I read it, then respond back. Iím looking for someone thatís striking on the outside AND down to earth on the inside. IF youíre a ďtypicalĒ women, donít waste your time, Iím far too good for you. I know that part of my profile sounds arrogant but I'm not. I'm just secure in who I am and secure in my life. As for the type of girl? Looks wise: A woman that likes to take care of herself, Average/slim/athletic build, attractive, smart, laid back, funny, goofy ambitious. Honesty Trust and Respect, The THREE keys to my time. CheersRead more