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His essay

One warm and creative man - seeks a confident (and lovely) woman for great times and an utterly satisfying relationship. If you are just looking for friendship, we can do that - if you want more (and I feel the same) we can let it develop at whatever speed it goes - I'm not in a hurry!

In an ideal world, we'll fall in love, deeply, found a solid partnership between us and do amazing things together. Somebody told me recently that you normally get what you want - that is what I want(!). I'm youthful, friendly, dynamic, caring and playful. I offer enjoyable experiences and great companionship - wherever, whenever - in a foreign city in the late evening, a local market during the day. I love to explore London, it's galleries and bars, eat good food, take a bike ride, go to a gig, trawl through East End markets - and equally, I love to discover other places that I don't already know - all of these are so much better with a brilliant and playful other.Read more