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Her essay

For me, love is caring about the person, being there for them no matter what it costs you physically, emotionally, etc., and a willingness to endure all things necessary to keep that person in your life. So, do you love someone? It depends: Do you find yourself giving up other ventures just to spend an extra moment with them? Do you enjoy talking, really talking, with them? Does this person bring out a necessity in you to be the best you can be, not for your benefit, but for their benefit? If yes, you are my person! Asking this I don't try to be better then I is in real. Me is just me - kind, gentle, caring, romantic, passionate, as well as a compassionate woman. I am looking to enjoy life again with that special someone. I love to cuddle up in-front of a nice fireplace sipping on a nice glass of something watching the flames dance while enjoying the feeling of love between the two of usRead more