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Most relationships start with physical attraction (chemistry), mind attraction (interests), then soul (spiritual). I have found that is The physical will fade, the mental will change, but the spirit will remain the foundation. The Lords way is to be connected spiritually, then mentally, then physically. In saying that, we all have personal preferences. I donít believe God expects us to get into a relationship where there is no physical attraction. However it cannot be the foundation. Anything built on any other foundation than Jesus Christ will be shaken. So the relationship must be built on the foundation of Christís love. I am very particular in my preferences. If I do not reply, please do not get offended. I would rather not start something that has no hope of becoming a union.

Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? Amos 3:3 NLT

I love the Lord and want to serve Him. I love to help others in need.
Daily quiet time is important for me to rest and stay Christ centered. I enjoy the quite.
Loud environments and parties are not my choice.
I am not interested in going everyplace and doing everything, because I am mostly content in The Lord. I want to live a simple, peaceful life with Godly people.
Small gatherings and good friendships in the Lord are fun.
I am close with my church family and have a small group that meets every morning except Sunday. I like to run other ministry's as the Lord leads.
The picture is of me sharing at an Alpha course. I hosted it for 5 years at the Salvation Army.

God gave me a clear cut instruction some years ago, when I asked Him what I am supposed to do. The instruction was............"Learn how to give and receive Love properly."
I realized that I had no idea what true love even was. So, my journey began.
I became a student of that ever since.
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