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Portugal region of origin

His essay

I'm a man with big heart and beautiful personality!.I work hard with my mind and my hands and I am more "in tune" with life than most people. well educated professional man ,am a Cool ,respectful, and comprehensive person.Who really wants to exprience love in its full sense. I am very social, an outgoing person. I am well balanced in my life. I am a man of true character who believes in giving everyone a fair chance.

I love to laugh...Life is unbelievable. I thank the good Lord every day for my blessed life. He is such a huge factor in my happiness and peace that I am singing His praise every minute of every day. Life truly is divine. I enjoy going to see movies, eating out, long walks, talking all night, holding hands under the stars..(yes, I am romantic..) and being with someone special. I love reading and quiet moments at home...cuddling on the couch during a storm and even running out in the warm summer rain if the inclination hits me. I love being unpredictable...taking off in the morning and driving to no particular place.... Tennis is my favorite sport...but I enjoy most everything ..except boxing..I mean really what's the point! LOL...

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