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Her essay

I am a warm, very caring and loving woman who is looking for a special someone. I have been on my own for 3 years and miss the companionship of someone to share my life and time withwith whom I am very close and they mean the world to me.
I realize that the best is yet to come and I know what I am looking for in a relationship. I believe that love can be wonderful the second time around. I love to laugh, can be quiet at times, but for the most part I love to have fun. I am a very positive person, and would give the world for the right partner. I am very giving and often put myself last, thinking of others before myself.
I believe laughter and happiness are so important in life. I am looking for a kind hearted man who knows how to treat a lady, someone who will hold my hand, and appreicate the little things. I would love to meet someone who will engage in long conversations, someone who loves music, fun and laughter and realizes thats its not what you do together but rather who you are spending your time with that makes those moments so special.
I have read many profiles on this website and one of them said (and I believe this to be true) "for at the side of all Great Men there shall stand a Great Woman and it is how they believe in each other that they will gather their strength and perseverance."
Any relationship needs to consist of trust, respect, good communication, compromise and friendship. You need to be able to share likes and dislikes and enjoy the ride of life together. Honesty is very important in any relationship and is very important to me.
If I am someone you would like to meet, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be a nice start!
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