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Am young at heart with a big heart always looking for future try to help others and treat pple right doesnt matter your skin color am a cheerful give and love to do outdoors....would appreciate a woman of this nature.........I am a sociable, active, responsible person. People who are close to me consider me to be positive and with a good sense of humor. I really enjoy smiling and I am sure that those people who cannot smile and cannot enjoy this life miss a lot in this world. Life is great and I wish very much to share my positive mood with the special person. I value faithfulness, sincerity, wide-mind in people and try to answer with the same qualities to others. It is also very important for me to stay in good shape and I lead a healthy life style.........I am an enthusiastic, energetic, friendly
I would love to meet a woman who look at the possiblity of a serious relationship...I am seeking an educated, intelligent and honest man with an open heart, classic romantic and still possess an irresistible sense of wonderment about the world, being able to carry on a conversation with and charm is a big plus.
My ideal relationship: One that is based on open communication and a free exchange of ideas. Similarity breeds contempt, so I would seek someone who does not necessarily think exactly like me, so I appreciate someone who has a more global view of things. Of course, there must be a physical/moral attraction as well.......I am kind, cheerful, bright and am little bit unusual. I not float on a current, I float against it. I don't have complexes. I am courageous, strong, in all I search for positive sides. I do not like to be sad. I can always listen, understand and find common language. I like to get acquainted with new people, I don't put frameworks and borders for myself . My motto - Be easier and people will be pull to you...I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. I love to chat, going to the movies and sports.Read more